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released September 30, 2013

Recorded at Tackyland (Long Beach, Calif.)
Produced and Mixed by Matt Wignall
Album artwork by Kim Garcia



all rights reserved


The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers Los Angeles, California

A collective of friends reviving the spirit of gospel music with a unique blend of blues, indie rock, folk and bluegrass. Recordings capture ERGS live performance energy with a whole lot of percussion, a chorus of up to eight and an authentic love of gospel and the source behind the music. ... more


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Track Name: Little Light
All at once like a fire
All at once like a dream
All at once in a message that came down to me

I had searched, I was wantin'
Filled with grace was redeemed
Knew my shame was wiped away from me

Oh my Lord, I want to burn brightly
Have a fire needs to shine, shine, shine
Let me be bold, let me sing mighty
All from this little light of mine

All at once found my father
All at once knew supreme
All at once I was filled with fire so deep

Saw the light, felt the spirit
I was ready to scream
Knew my shame was wiped away from me

Give me your bad blues
My faith will not refuse
I am but a sinner, not a saint
But the good Lord rocks steady
Took me in, I was ready
Are you wanting to be born again?

I have witnessed.
I have pained
I have walked on the edges of sane
Fear my honesty
Fear His reign
Fear the Lord, He will come back again
Track Name: Need You
Lend me your ear
give me a home
I've been afraid but I've not been alone

Lend me your ear
I know you're there
I long to live and to die your care
I need you

I need you to take a hold now
I need you to take me home
I need you like I’ve never known now, Jesus
Need you like you knew I would

Oh the devil keep’s twisting around my soul
Same spirit I’ve told “no more, no more”
And I don’t know when and I don’t know why
But I know Jesus gonna hear my cry

Go on and shout all your troubles to our God
Go and scream “hallelujah”, your words won’t fall
This night won’t end but I believe what you said
And I’m burning from the Spirit inside

Oh, Jesus --- why have I fallen
Oh, Jesus --- You hear me callin'

Lord, Lord, Lord, you lift me up
Lord to the heavenly sky
Lord, Lord, Lord, the battle is hard
But I’m willing to fight

Holding my heart as I fall on my knees
While I pray to you Lord won't you come intercede
Oh i need you now, now, now, now, now!
Track Name: Simple Shining
To tell the truth I can’t believe the way I’m feeling
And every time I turn around I find myself in need of healing
The devil is a liar and I know that he’ll be trying for me
And all I’ve ever got to do is get down on my bended knee

I keep waiting for simple shining

They tried to run Him out of town, they tried to quiet the people
They tried to rob Him of a crown, they called Him dirty and evil.
An angel with a word of love was standing at the edge of the cave
Singing hallelujah cause they couldn't keep our God in a grave

I keep waiting for simple shining
(Soon I'll be home, I'll be home, I'll be home)